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My inspiration to become a coach came from our son who experienced separation anxieties and I felt at a loss to help him sufficiently.   

We went to a couple of psychotherapists which did help him and then he suffered some relapses. 

I was then introduced to NLP.  After initial research it really ignited me, so I went on training courses as I wanted to help our son myself. 

We soon realised the NLP approach had fast, effective and non-invasive results.

Totally enthused I carried on my training.  I am a certified NLP Practitioner after training with Dave Woolley, Skills 24 and Judy Bartkoviac. 


I am about to complete my Master Practitioner certification coupled with taking the Train the Trainer course with Sue Knight.  It has been a complete privilege to be trained by these exemplars in the industry.

I worked in events for 20 years and now loving sharing my experience and learnings the gift of NLP with others struggling with their own fears or obstacles which are stopping them fulfil their dreams.

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