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"I just wanted to say, thank you. My daughter has come away from her sessions with you with a skip in her step, such a transformation from the way she felt before she came. I feel so relieved that you have been able to put her at ease, almost immediately and hope over time as trust is built, she is able to open up to you more.

I have confidence that with your help, she will feel better equipped to manage her anxiety".

I now believe in myself

" I didn't have the confidence in my own ability and therefore was worried I was going to look silly in front of someone.  However, you have an aura of kindness and compassion from the outset.  Your ability to get on my level (whatever that might be) is incredible.

You gave me clarity in what my options were, confidence in myself and advice on how to move forward.

I have since been on a 4 day intensive training to overcome my fears of not being good enough and have now set up my new business."

Thank you Claire x

Phobias managed

"The best help which I can never, ever thank you enough for is for my son.  He came to you with emetophobia (an overwhelming intense fear of vomiting) learned from me, his mum.


You provided him with coping tools; 5 things to see, 4 things to touch etc. Also, to distract himself if someone near him is being sick by imagining what a dolphin feels like, what it feels like to be an eagle etc.

This was absolutely amazing when he was on a 24-hour coach journey across Europe without me and he was messaging me panicking as people around him were travel sick. You emailed my son’s coping techniques which I sent to him via WhatsApp.

It was like an absolute miracle and I was so relieved at how quickly it worked and how effective it was it made me cry with relief. With my child hundreds of miles away, being able to help him with your help, was amazing especially as I felt so powerless before."

Exam preparation

“Claire has been a much-valued source of support to my family. She has helped my daughter address some deep-seated worries and lack of confidence and helped her create a positive and confident approach to her current challenges of finding the right senior school.

Claire has encouraged her to make the most of herself for the interviews by knowing she has the tools she needs for such a situation.   Having been through the preparations with Claire, who she knows is in her corner, giving her the attitude, approach and practice she needs to build herself up from the shy and self-effacing girl she is - who would not do herself justice in an interview.

I have seen a significant improvement in her confidence and in her ‘can do’ attitude to life generally and I am very grateful to Claire for giving this gift to my daughter”

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