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Young person sessions

with me, Claire Jones

These sessions are for you to feel more calm, confident, in control and find clarity at these uncertain times.

I'm here to help

I've created these sessions to support you and family

These sessions are designed for you to have a confidential, non-judgemental offload to someone to whole heartedly listen to you and offer you ways to think differently to support you to create a positive change right now. 



We can & will address and manage:





Boost self-confidence & self esteem


Balancing home working and home schooling


Overcoming boredom


Looking after yourself


Accepting and working with your emotions


Creating a positive mindset


None judgemental listening/off-load time


Understanding where you're at


Advice how you can control your controllables


Help you look for the opportunity and get you out of victim thinking


Plus anything else you would like to overcome and discuss.



The sessions will be for 45 mins, via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime offered for £50

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