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Back to school with Confidence



My mission is to get our children and teenagers back to school in September feeling confident

  • Would you like to feel more confident as a parent?

  • Are you searching for the "right" things to say to comfort your children?

  • Are you conscious you may be putting your anst onto your children?

  • Desperate to reassure however short of some tools and workable strategies?

  • Wanting the very best for your children in these uncertain times?

If it's a yes, I would love to help you

Every weekday for 2 weeks 17th - 28th August I will email you a video of me sharing tools and strategies to help you and your child/teenager to: 

  • Boost theirs and your confidence

  • Raise their self esteem

  • Manage any anxiety

  • Help you feel as resourceful and prepared as possible for returning to school

Real time tools and strategies to help you and them transition back to school include:

  • breathing techniques

  • grounding techniques

  • ways to communicate so you both understand each other

Please sign up to my Back to School with Confidence Course

I can't wait to work with you

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