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Top Ten Tips to help you through turbulent times

Together we'll get there

Claire x


Talk – keep talking and checking in on your family & friends, especially those alone. 


You will make their day and human connection is so important to lift our spirits


Create a visualised goal, keep your mind on that.  Focus your energies and attention on what you “want to have happen” and how you can make the very best of the situation we're in - be positive.


Information + focus = forms your reality


Limiting the amount of news and social media you feed yourself is important as media is addictive and can be scare mongering.

Positive Language

Say what you want to have happen.  Frame your language in the positive.   

For example, I want to be calm, I am going to get fitter, as opposed to I don’t want to be stressed, worried or unfit.

Calm is a Super Power

Calm is a Superpower. 


Be the calm you want to see in those around you. 


Deep controlled breathing is the best way to maintain this. 


If you feel anxiety rise, draw your attention to your breath and do a few rounds of deep breathing.  


Break down tasks and keep it simple.


Keeping a routine as close to normal will really serve you well.  Maintain similar wake/sleep times, mealtimes, exercise times. 


Keeping consistent and setting boundaries helps everyone feel safe and secure

Be flexible

Keep flexible – the more flexible we can be, the more in control of the situation we’ll be in. 


Keep talking and changing plans or schedules as a family if things need tweaking. 


Keep changing and evolving.  You aren’t stuck.

Self Care

Self-Care – it is so important to look after yourself first. 


You can’t serve others if your running on empty yourself.


Focus on good quality sleep, quality nutrition, hydration and appropriate exercise


Listen – really listen, without judgement to those around you. 


What they are saying are their truths and they’ll want them validating and you to walk with them during these turbulent times. 


Sharing how you are feeling too, will allow a greater sense of connection. 


Accepting our emotions is so essential.  Verbalise them, then discuss how you can break them down to manageable parts. 


Controlling our controllables.

What is you Why/Purpose?

Ask yourself “what is your why, your purpose”. 


You’re probably in one of 2 camps.  1) At home, saving lives or at work, saving lives. 


You’re doing an awesome job whatever you’re doing. 


This flips your thinking to a more positive state and positive purpose.


Gratitude – this is so powerful.  Practise saying what you are grateful for. 


Try and focus on the nonmonetary things. 


Say out loud as a family perhaps 3 things you’re grateful for.

I'm here for you

Finally, this time will pass, we are in one chapter of our book. 


We will get through this together. 


Please be kind to yourself and allow yourself comfort in the knowledge we’ve never been through anything quite of this scale, however being true to ourselves we’ll get through this together.


Stay safe, stay at home, safe lives.


Love to you all,


Claire x

Please get in touch if I can help further or if you’d like one to one coaching.


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